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Creating a place for children, youth, and adults with physical and/or cognitive disabilities to have fun and play baseball.


Last Session For The Season: July 28

  • Challenger takes place at Lower Hume Park

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  • 11AM Every Sunday
    Starting May 12

  • 1 hour per week and the program has 8 sessions.

How It Works

What is Challenger Baseball?

Challenger Baseball is an adaptive baseball program specifically designed to empower children, youth and adults living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. 

The focus is on fun and inclusivity, no prior experience in baseball/softball is required to play or volunteer

Challenger Baseball ensures every athlete has the opportunity to play in a fun and safe environment where they learn to become more independent, build confidence and self esteem, improve their communication skills, and set and achieve their own personal goals. 

A child in a wheelchair playing baseball bein gpushed by the Canucks mascot.


Buddies are volunteers from the community (typically motivated youth in other baseball leagues or schools) who join and partner with the athletes.

Buddies do not need to have any prior baseball experience.

The Buddy's role is to support the athlete in the activities and create a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience.

Become a Buddy Here
Two children play baseball, one is in a wheelchair


We provide all the equipment, including:

  • Soft foam bats and balls
  • Tees and practice equipment
  • Some gloves (players are encouraged to bring their own)
a baseball, bat, and glove picart

What does it look like

Athletes arrive and participate in a short series of ice breakers and warm up activities.

Then there are some drills and skills practices involving games and more.

Game play is the main event where the athletes take turns hitting and fielding.

Challenger baseball is focused on fun; everyone gets a turn to hit, and after every hit, all fielders get to field a ball!

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Steps to Register Your Player

Step 2:

Sign your player up for team snap, a simple team sport management application.

Step 3:

Pay the $15 Registration fee with Team Snap.
(Email to inquire more about the fee or financial assistance.)

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